Professor Dr. Salwa Ahmed Elgebaly
Founder & CEO

Nour Heart, Inc.

Dr. Elgebaly is a Cardio Pharmacologist who founded Nour Heart, Inc. in Hartford, Connecticut, U.S. and she is the Company’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The Company’s mission is to develop and commercialize diagnostic and therapeutic products for the early detection, prevention, and treatment of myocardial ischemia in patients with ischemic heart disease. She is a former Associate Professor and Director of Surgical Research at the Department of Surgery, University of Connecticut School of Medicine, Farmington, Connecticut, U.S. Currently Dr. Elgebaly holds an adjunct faculty position at the Department of Surgery, University of Connecticut School of Medicine.

Dr. Elgebaly is an inventor of eleven (11) Patents Issued by the U.S. Patent Office and two pending applications. Patents are owned by Nour Heart, Inc. Dr. Elgebaly is the first to identify and patent the novel molecular biomarker, Nourin®to early diagnose myocardial ischemia in patients suspected of having coronary artery disease and, also the cardioprotective bioenergetic drug, Cyclocreatine Phosphate (CCrP) (Nourexal™) to protect against ischemic injury and restore cardiac function with clinical applications in heart transplantation, high-risk cardiac surgery and high-risk intervention cardiology. Recently, the FDA awarded CCrP the Orphan Drug Designation for the heart transplantation indication and the Company is currently conducting CCrP safety assessment for Phase I/Phase II clinical trial. Dr. Elgebaly has extensive experience in conducting FDA-regulated drug testing in Phase II and Phase III clinical trials and functioned as a Director of Clinical Affairs in a Maryland-based pharmaceutical company. In recognition of her unique work on the novel biomarker Nourin®, Dr. Elgebaly was invited by two Nobel Prize Winners in Medicine, Professor Sir John Vane, London, UK, and Professor R. Levi Montalcini, Rome, Italy.

Professor Sir John Vane

1984 Nobel laureate in medicine

London, United Kingdom

Professor R. Levi Montalcini

1986 Nobel laureate in medicine

Rome, Italy

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