2006 - Present

Founder & CEO

Nour Heart, Inc.
Virginia, USA
E-mail: selgebaly@nourheart.com
Nour Heart, Inc. is a U.S.-based Research and Development (R&D) Biomedical Company established in Hartford, CT.

2019 - Present

Professor, University of Connecticut Faculty of Medicine (Adj.) Farmington, Connecticut, USA

  • Dr. Elgebaly is the founder and CEO of the R&D Biotech Company, Nour Heart, Inc. The aim of the Company is to develop Cyclocreatine Phosphate as a new cardioprotective drug for patients with ischemic heart disease.
  • Nour Heart is, also, developing the cardiac-derived inflammatory mediator, Nourin as a novel biomarker for the early diagnosis of Angina patients with chest pain seen in hospital emergency department (ED) and in outpatient clinics.
  • She is the Inventor of nine (9) Patents Issued by the U.S. Patent Office and two pending applications.
  • Nour Heart has been recently granted the FDA Orphan Drug Designation for the Company’s new drug Cyclocreatine Phosphate with the unique FDA designation for: prevention of ischemic injury to enhance cardiac graft recovery and survival in heart transplantation (DRU-2015-4951).
  • Recently, Dr. Elgebaly has submitted a Pre-IND application to the FDA for their review and recommendations on the Company’s proposed Phase I clinical trial.
  • Dr. Elgebaly’s unique experience in academic drug discovery and development, she has extensive experience in clinical trials (FDA-regulated Phase II and Phase III trials), pharmaceutical industry (Director of Clinical Affairs), as well as FDA filing for drug registration for human use.
  • Dr. Elgebaly previously held the position of Director of Clinical Affairs in the pharmaceutical company, AnGes Inc. in Maryland, and she established in Connecticut and functioned as the Director of the two new Clinical Trials and Research Centers at the Investigative Sites; Grove Hill Medical Center and Connecticut Multispecialty Group.
  • Because of Dr. Elgebaly’s Nourin technology as a novel early biomarker for ACS patients, she is an active participant with the FDA-sponsored Cardiac Safety Research Consortium-CSRC.
  • Review Article: Elgebaly SA, Poston R, Todd R, Helmy T, Almaghraby A, Elbayoumi T, Kreutzer DL.: Cyclocreatine Protects Against Ischemic Injury and Enhances Cardiac Recovery During Early Reperfusion. Expert Review of Cardiovascular Therapy, Volume 17(9), 683-697, 2019.

  • Research & Development for heart-related diagnostic and therapeutic products.
  • Clinical trials in pharmaceutical setup and investigative sites (patients).
  • FDA requirements for product submission for approval.
  • Participant, FDA-Sponsored Cardiac Safety Research Consortium.
  • Dr. Elgebaly’s research resulted in the discovery of the potent tissue-derived inflammatory mediator, Nourin and its antagonists Cyclosporin H (anti-inflammatory) and the cardioprotective Cyclocreatine (anti-inflammatory & anti-apoptotic).
  • Dr. Elgebaly has been awarded millions of dollars to support her research from such organizations as the NIH, academic institution such the University of Connecticut Faculty of Medicine as well as the Maryland Technology Development Cooperation, several pharmaceutical companies, corporate competitive awards and private funding.
  • Dr. Elgebaly has over 79 publications and one review article, as well as 9 Issued Patents by the U.S. Patent Office and one pending patent application. She published in peerreviewed journals, including: Science, J. Thoracic & Cardiovascular Surgery, J. Molecular and Cellular Cardiology, J. Pathology, J. Transplantation, J Expert Review of Cardiovascular Therapy, J. Urology, J Pharmacology Experimental Therapy, American Journal of National Cancer Institute, Current Eye Research, and Journal of Ophthalmology and Visual Science.
  • Dr. Elgebaly is also a frequent lecturer in international conferences on the subject of Nourin, Cyclosporin H, and Cyclocreatine Phosphate. Specifically, Dr. Elgebaly was invited to present her work by:

    1. Nobel Prize Winner in Medicine, Professor Sir John Vane, London, UK,
    2. Nobel Prize Winner in Medicine, Professor R. Levi Montalcini, Rome, Italy,
    3. Professor Sir Magdy Yacoub in London, United Kingdom.